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It`s Save Precious Time and Money Focus more on generating money than wasting time doing online marketing manually.


Turn conversation into customer loyalty -Smartest Reply for your Facebook Business


Bulk post and auto share your website,Youtube to Multi-Facebook Pages, Group


Broadcast email, SMS to Messenger collected emails,SMS or custom imported list


Easy to set-up Ecommerce Store & Restaurant inside/outside Messenger and start selling online FAST

Complete Management Tools?

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Build a Bot in Minutes. Automate business inquiries, increase 10x more sales, you can build the content flow to engage and build relationship with your customers.


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How this Tools is working?

This Tools is working by Some steps!


Import Account

It`s really easy just 1 click import all Pages


Connect your Pages

Connect your Pages that you want to build Chatbot and Automate


Build your Chatbot

Build your own bot in minutes with our simple drag-and-drop


Create Campaign

Create comment reply, Social Posting, SMS or Email Campaigns


Enjoy your travel

Enjoy your Holiday and wait for buyer, customer call you

Targeting Tool

Interest Targeting Tool Facebook and Google

AdTargeting is the best Facebook interest targeting tool to discover hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences It can help you max the ROI of Facebook Google marketing targeting

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Easy to set-up Ecommerce Store & Restaurant inside/outside Messenger and start selling online FAST

  • Mobile app like easy to use UI
  • Multiple stores
  • Contactless QR menu
  • Coupon system
  • Multi Payment gateways: Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paystack, Mollie, Cash On Delivery, Manual/Bank Payment
  • Order management (shipping, delivery, reject & accept order)
  • Order confirmation receipt in Messenger, email & SMS

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Lifetime deal $ 247

14600 Days

  • Ai reply : Unlimited
  • Comment Automation : Auto Comment Campaign : 9999999/Month
  • Comment Automation : Auto Reply Posts : 99999999/Month
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Bulk Comment Reply Campaign : 9999999/Month
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Comment & Bulk Tag Campaign : 9999999/Month
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Comment Hide/Delete and Reply with multimedia content : 9999999/Month
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Full Page Auto Like/Share : 999999/Month
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Full Page Auto Reply : 999999/Month
  • Custom Domain Access : Unlimited
  • E-commerce Digital Product : 9999999/Month
  • E-commerce Product Price Variation : Unlimited
  • E-commerce Related Products : 9999999/Month
  • Ecommerce Products Limit : 9999999/Month
  • Email Broadcast - Email Send : 999999/Month
  • Email Broadcast - Sequence Campaign : 9999999/Month
  • Email phone OPT-IN form builder : 9999999/Month
  • Facebook Accounts : 999999/Month
  • Facebook Live Streaming - Crossposting/Auto Share/Comment : 999999/Month
  • Facebook Pages : 999999/Month
  • Facebook Pages - Subscribers/Page : 999999/Month
  • Facebook Posting : Text/Image/Link/Video Post : 9999995/Month
  • Facebook Posting : Carousel/Slider Post : 9999999/Month
  • Facebook Posting : CTA Post : 9999999/Month
  • Facebook Posting : Live Streaming Campaigns : 999997/Month
  • Flow Builder - Allow Subscribers To Use Templates : Unlimited
  • Flow Builder - Limit On Number Of Flows User Can Create : 999999/Month
  • Flowbuilder Conditional Reply : Unlimited
  • Flowbuilder Insignt : Unlimited
  • Google My Business: Account Import : 9999995/Month
  • Google My Business: Answer To Questions : Unlimited
  • Google My Business: Media Upload To Locations : 999999/Month
  • Google My Business: Post To Locations : 9999999/Month
  • Google My Business: Reply To Reviews : Unlimited
  • Google My Business: RSS Auto Posting : 999999994/Month
  • Hidden Interest Explorer : Unlimited
  • Image Editor N2 : Unlimited
  • Image Editor N3 : Unlimited
  • Instagram Auto Comment Reply Enable Post : 99999999/Month
  • Instagram Bot and Private Reply - Campaigns : Unlimited
  • Instagram Extended Statistics : Unlimited
  • Instagram Posting : Image/Video Post : 999993/Month
  • Live chat : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot - Connectivity : JSON API : 999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Connectivity : Webview Builder : 999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Email Auto Responder : 9999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Broadcast : Subscriber Bulk Message Send : 9999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Checkbox Plugin : 99999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Customer Chat Plugin : 9999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : m.me Links : 9999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Send to Messenger : 999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Sequence Messaging : Message Send : 999995/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Sequence Messaging Campaign : 9999999/Month
  • Messenger Bot - Persistent Menu : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot - Persistent Menu : Copyright Enabled : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot : Export, Import & Tree View : 999999/Month
  • Messenger E-commerce : 999999/Month
  • One Time Notification Send : 99999999/Month
  • Recurring Notification : Unlimited
  • Rss auto posting : 999999/Month
  • SMS Broadcast - Sequence Campaign : 9999999/Month
  • SMS Broadcast - SMS Send : 999999/Month
  • Social Poster - Access : Unlimited
  • Social Poster - Account Import : WordPress (Self hosted) : 999999/Month
  • To Do List / Kanban : Unlimited
  • User input flow campaign : 9999999/Month
  • Visual flow builder access : Unlimited
  • Whatsapp Send Order : Unlimited
  • Woocommerce abandoned cart recovery : 9999999/Month
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We have a lot of features but we can classify these into 5 types. Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Messenger Marketing, Ecommerce and Social Media Automations. Get started for free to get hands on knowledge how our app can help you - we also encourage you to watch our tutorials inside.
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